Taibah Residential & Commercial Center
AL-Madinah AL-Munawarrah

The project include designing, manufacturing & installation of the upper skylight mounted up on the three-floors of the commercial center. including decorative glass, the steel-structured frames the Stained-glass and the safety glass (Lamenated & Curved glass) from the interior side which is covered with the transparent (Lexan) panels from the exterior side for protection from atmospheric effects.

The total area of this project exceeds 100 square meters consist of octagonal flat headed dome centered with another hemispheric dome surrounded with twelve pyramids. The project also include the stained-glass which is insulated inside units of dubel-glass for the two frontages of the linking bridge for the eastern and western towers of Taibah Center. The dimensions of each frontage amount to 3.28 meters width and 5.66 meters height. In the Center appears the logo of Taibah Investment Company, the owner of the Center. Riyadh House for Engineering Consultations aproved The design which is selected derived from the Islamic architectural style to correspond to the spirituals of the sacred city.