Sahara Mall
Riyadh King Fahad Distic

The artistic stained-glass landmark, in the Sahara Shopping Center located at the junction of King Abdul Aziz and Prince Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Roads,Riyadh. The contract signed with Al-Rugaib Company, the center's owner, include manufacturing and installation of a stained-glass sphere of a 2.5 meters diameter centering the fountain at the main courtyard of the center. The sphere is illuminated from its interior side and protected by a pyramid made of clear glass and aluminum covered with stainless steel. A water fountain on its top water falling on the four sides of the pyramid. Ontop of the pyramid, a overturn pyramid steel structured and stained-glass hanged to the roof of the center. The length of the pyramid's base sides is 6-meter and its depth is 3 meters in addition to the stained-glass covering the columns-crowns which surrounds the courtyard of the center.